The Fundrails beta project is on pause for a while. We appreciate everyone's interest and support. If we find a way through, we will be back!

Automated KYC and fund administration.
Blockchain accounting.

Crush your fund administration costs.

Modernized fund administration software [in beta]. Only from Fundrails.

The only fund administration platform with real-time data and analytics...

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Get real-time access into your customer base. No SQL queries or programmers needed.

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Run analytics on customer attributes and behaviors to properly tailor your product and marketing.

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Make smarter business decisions. Market by geography, offer new products to different demographics and more.

...automated accounting, payments, and reconciliations

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Automated trial balance and tracking of all investor-related transactions that impact the fund NAV.

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Automated reconciliation and exception handling of cash movements in your custody account.

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Automated placement agent, third party marketer, and 12b-1 payments in accordance with fee schedules.

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Automated oversight of third party seller or omnibus account compliance with Blue Sky Laws, Rule 22c-2, fee breakpoints, KYC and more.

...a digitally native process for fund creation and administration

Digitize, automate, and streamline all of your servicing activities:

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Import NAV updates from fund accountant via API
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Distribute dividends and capital gains
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Create and send tax reports (1099-DIV, K-1)
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Create and send electronic customer statements
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Create and send letters to shareholders
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Set up annual meetings and voting events, at the fund level and, in a revolutionary step forward, on a look-through basis to the underlying portfolio
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Deliver fund prospectuses and other regulatory documents
Can be configured for private equity, venture capital, mutual funds, hedge funds, and broker dealer omnibus accounts

...end-to-end digital native onboarding for your customers

Add the Fundrails Invest button to your digital assets to load a white-labeled onboarding process branded with your logo.

We run a comprehensive identity check, including address and facial verification for regulatory compliance.

We can also check political, public company, and financial industry affiliations; administer accredited investor, qualified client and qualified purchaser certifications; collect data points on investor suitability like employment, income, & net worth; and confirm corporate existence and signatory powers.

We perform automated AML screens at the time of onboarding and at periodic intervals to check applicable watchlists, such as OFAC, SDN, U.S. Dept. of State, FinCEN US PEP Lists, and others.

Applicable account documents, prospectuses, subscription agreements, privacy agreements, and forms such as a W-9 form can be downloaded and electronically signed with Docusign.

Your customer can choose a preferred way to fund an account, whether it is a wire transfer, ACH payment or via a digital currency. We will process the transcation as a payment agent to move money between the fund and its investors.

Encrypted data is stored in the cloud and recorded on IBM’s Hyperledger.

Existing investors can create a sharemykyc identity and invest across other funds securely without repetitive data entry.

Create ShareMyKYC Profile cloud-based infrastructure and the immutable record-keeping of blockchain technology

Our software operates in the cloud, removing the expense of on premises equipment and staff. Plus, by leveraging the scale of the cloud, we are able to make your data even more secure.

We encrypt all your information at all times — in the cloud at the database level, and in the transport layer, with AES-256 with multi-layer key management*.  

Transactions on our system are validated with a public-private keys, and encrypted user-data is recorded on IBM's Hyperledger. Our security process includes verification by independent third party security agencies like VeriSign and Symantec, and is more secure than legacy database infrastructure with local applications and SQL servers.
*AES-256 is is the gold standard as determined by United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.

...APIs to connect to your Fund Accountant

Our API can integrate seamlessly with your Fund Accountant's systems, or we can provide fund accounting for your fund via our partner, Strategic Fund Services.

...and your Custodian

Our API can integrate seamlessly with your custodian.

...simple pricing that will completely crush your costs

Customer onboarding


Per authorized individual per account. Charged at account opening.

This fee is non-recurring but is also charged upon any periodic re-verifications of authorized individuals, as per the schedule set by an issuer or fund manager.



Per subscription or redemption.

This fee can be payable either by the fund manager or the investor.

Thats it. Nothing else. Pricing, simplified.

...and built with technology partners that can grow with you into the future.

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