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We take on projects to bring modern technology to the finance industry that can remove excess costs and drive a faster pace of innovation.

Fintech projects to solve practical problems. Built by engineers and finance industry experts.

We take on projects that seek to improve technology, simplify operations, and lower costs across the investment industry.

Fundrail's cloud-based software crushes the costs of operating an investment fund by using modern technology to replace intermediaries.

Many intermediaries in the investment management industry operate on legacy technologies, and impose multiple layers of operating and distribution costs on investment funds. The industry structure creates significant operational friction, and intermediaries often impose information barriers between fund managers and their customer data.

To solve this problem, we built a cloud-based fund administration software platform to:
• digitize paper and PDFs in processes such as customer onboarding and security creation
• automate processes like reconciliation, payments, and compliance
• enable real time real time customer data and analytics.

Our goal is to provide technology that can reduce costs and drive innovation for fund managers.

Example of Mutual Fund Industry

There are over 850 Mutual Fund Families, and over 10,000 mutual Funds in the U.S.

The intermediaries in the supply chain add as much as 40% to the cost structure of the industry. Many of these intermediaries operate using expensive on-premise technology, and still employ many manual processes.

Moving this technology to the cloud and providing automation can remove significant costs, easing barriers to entry for new funds, and providing more direct linkages between the funds and their investors.

Project team

We are a team of product strategists, financial industry experts, software engineers, and digital design experts.

Our product strategy team is based in New York, and our software engineering and digital design team is based in Toronto.

We built a cloud-based transfer agent and fund administration software platform called Fundrails. You can see our work by accessing the demo. We would love to work with you to implement our platform for your fund, or to build something completely customized to your technology needs.

Brandon G Stranzl
Co-Founder & CEO
Kowsheek Mahmood
Co-Founder & CTO
Srinath Chintapalli
Software Engineer
Daniel Novykov
UX Designer
Thomas Saunders
Software Engineer
Clark Racadio
Software Engineer

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